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Overhead Garage Storage | London, Ontario

Your garage ceiling has often-overlooked storage space available for the taking. While you might have only considered the space on your garage floor or perhaps the walls, it’s common to forget about all of the square metres you have right over your head!

At Nieman Market Design, we can optimize every square centimeter of your garage, including this overhead storage space. We will design a custom garage that can store all of your belongings so they’re out of your way and not contributing to any clutter that may accumulate from time to time.

Bike Racks, Overhead Shelving and More

We offer several options for garage storage above your head. Two of our most popular are bicycle racks and general shelving.

Bike racks keep your bicycle from falling over against your vehicle. If you have children or pets who might run through your garage, a bicycle left standing up against the wall can easily topple over, leading to an injury or damage. By keeping your bikes suspended from the ceiling, this type of occurrence can be avoided.

Overhead shelving can hold your seasonal decorations, outgrown children’s clothing and other items that you don’t really need to access very often. We can arrange for shelves to pull down.

Like all of our products, our overhead storage offerings are made with high-quality materials and installed by custom garage professionals.

Call Nieman Market Design today to schedule a free, in-home consultation to see if overhead storage in your garage is right for you!