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Home organization is one of those things that we tend to put off indefinitely. You might say, “someday I’ll get this place organized,” or “the house will be organized once the children move out.” While it’s true that you should not dedicate extraordinary amounts of time to keeping your home in tip-top condition, having a neat and tidy home is one of the pleasures in life that is worth pursuing. Coming home to a well-ordered haven reduces your stress levels and improves your daily routines.

At Nieman Market Design, we specialize in creating custom closets, garage cabinets, garage storage systems and other home organization aids. When you have the space available and optimized to store all of your belongings, putting them away becomes much easier. As the top closet organizers in London, Ontario, we can help you make sense of your mayhem.

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Closet Organization: It Can Be Yours!

When it comes to your closets, it all starts with a customized closet design. One of our professional closet designers will come to your home and talk to you about how exactly you intend to use your space. You’ll see the different types of closet systems and can choose what you want, and we’ll design your closet to your specifications. Within a matter of weeks, our closet installers will come to set up your new system, and you’ll be ready to use your completely customized storage space.

In addition to custom closets, we also offer customized garage storage options, laundry room cabinets, built-in closet accessories, custom wine cellars, kitchen pantries and more. We are one of the few one-stop closet companies in Ontario.

Custom Closets

From walk-in closets to kids’ closets, to reach-in closets for linens and coats, we’ve got you covered! We offer a variety of accessories and organizers to make your life easier.

Custom Kitchen Pantry

The heart of your home is no match for clutter and chaos. Take control of this area with a custom kitchen pantry, and enjoy cooking once again.

Custom Garage Organization

From ceiling to floor and on the shelving on your walls, you can enjoy better organization in your garage. You might even have enough room to park your family car inside!

Custom Laundry Room

If washing, drying and ironing clothes are not among your favorite chores, you’re not alone. We can make these tasks easier.

Isn’t Your Home’s Organization Worth Investing In?

As with many home improvement services, a closet organizer system can add value to your life right now, as well as to your home later, when you’re ready to sell. Won’t you take the next step to increase space and achieve a smoothly running home by setting up your free consultation with an organization specialist? There is no cost or obligation.

Call Nieman Market Design today to schedule a free, in-home consultation to find out whether our home organization products are right for you!