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Customized Reach-In Closets | London, Ontario

You probably have reach-in closets in your home. These include the entryway closet that holds your coats, the linen closets in your bathrooms and the hall closet where you keep your children’s board games or your pet supplies. While these are tiny spaces, they can accumulate quite the array of items! If you don’t have a good closet organization system in place, a small closet can go from calm to cluttered in no time flat.

At Nieman Market Design, we can whip your small storage spaces into shape. Because we focus on maximizing every inch available, you might be surprised at how much we can help you fit in your tiny closet!

Top Closet Organizers in London, Ontario

Whether you’re having trouble with your coat closet or the little-used spare bedroom closet, your closet designer can help. He or she will talk to you about the different options available when it comes to organizing your reach-in closets.

Some of the advantages of having a custom reach-in closet built include:

  • Affordability. Because these spaces are small, customizing them takes less time and fewer materials. This translates into a lower cost for you!

  • Big impact. You might not realize how much your messy closet is affecting your routine. With better organization, you’ll be able to fit more in the closet and will also be able to access it all easily.

  • Greater value for your home. If you have small closets as a rule in your home, having them customized can offset their size later when it comes time to sell. Potential buyers can overlook smaller storage spaces if the closet is optimized well.

Are you ready to take charge of your small closets? One of our designers can meet with you in your home at no cost to talk about what type of organization system will work best for your closet.

Call Nieman Market Design today to schedule a free, in-home consultation to find out whether a custom reach-in closet is right for you!