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Kids’ Closets in London, Ontario | Nieman Market Design

Do you feel stressed out just looking in your kids’ closets? If you are nodding, you are not alone: Children do not have a reputation for keeping their bedrooms and closets neat and tidy! If you are overwhelmed at the prospect of cleaning out your child’s closet, your little one is probably even more stressed than you are.

You can have a child’s closet built by Nieman Market Design to make things easier for your children. Your fully adjustable closet will be built especially for your little one; everything is kid-friendly, but we haven’t forgotten that your toddler will grow into a teenager even more quickly than you might think!

With a variety of kids’ closet organizers, we can turn your child’s closet into a beacon of organization.

Streamline Your Child’s Routine With a Kids’ Closet

When your child has a custom closet built, he or she will find that it’s easier to get ready in the morning. You won’t have to listen to complaints that shoes are missing or that there are no clean socks (well, assuming you’ve kept up on laundry!). With a variety of kids’ closet organizers, we can turn your child’s closet into a beacon of organization.

First, we talk to you and, if possible, your child about how he or she plans to use the space. Some kids require room for their favorite stuffed animals, and others have a huge shoe collection. Most children have various treasures that need to find a home. Once we determine what’s needed, we can show you a proposed design, then once you approve it, we’ll get started on building the new closet!

Because all of the components are adjustable, you’ll be able to raise, add or remove the closet accessories as needed. The closet you purchase for your preschooler will still work as he or she moves through high school, and you’ll be able to use the space for your own items once your child goes off to college or to an independent apartment.

Are you ready to stop fighting with your child over closet disorganization?

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