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How To Have The Perfect Custom Closet Installed In Your Home

How To Have The Perfect Custom Closet Installed In Your Home

Are you wanting to achieve better organization in your home? Tired of the overflowing and bulging closets that are just not functioning they way you want or need them to?

Our fast-paced modern life can become quite difficult to keep up with if we are unable to easily find the things we need around the house as we need them. The solution here is to utilize your storage space in the most efficient and effective way possible.

So exactly how DO you achieve that? Custom closets are by far one of the best solutions for this problem. Not only can a custom closet help you achieve greater organization throughout all areas of your home, but it will also give you much better time management. Continue reading this article and others like this, such as "Questions to ask during a free consultation" By Ambry Design, a resource partner and a provider of some of the best custom closet organizers Tampa Bay, Florida(Great Vacation Spot) has to offer.  

6 Steps In Having The Perfect Custom Closet Installed In Your Home 

The first consideration when installing a custom closet should be what purpose it most needs to serve for you. Here are six simple steps to having the custom closet system that best suits your needs.

Decide Your Closet’s Purpose

A good custom closet design makes good use of all the space you have. How a closet is designed will reflect what you will be using it for. Think about how you wish to use your closet.

  • Do you want to hide away household clutter or use it for deep storage?

  • Perhaps you want to display items like a shoe collection or other collectibles that are easy to see?

  • How about shelving or sliding drawers that make your art and craft supplies or even your accessories more readily accessible?

  • Is the goal to make it easy access to your things or maximize your storage?


Make The Call

Once you have decided what you need your closet to do then getting in touch with a closet designer is going to make the process a whole lot easier for you from there. Neiman Market Designs offers a FREE In-Home Design & Consultation. They will help you decide what you want your closet to look like. They will show you samples, take measurements and discuss all the options available to you. It is obligation free, so if you are wanting to install a new closet system then this is a great way to get started.

Let The Designer Get To Work For You

Throughout your consultation, your closet designer will work with you to create a custom closet that best suit your needs. They will take into consideration any limitations or features that may be required of the space. They will also consider your budget and the way you plan to use it. Then they will get to work on coming up with the right solution for you. With just a little vision from you, they will do all the hard work to ensure you will have the closet of your dreams in no time at all!

Approve Your Design

Once your custom closet has been designed you can review it and make any changes necessary before it is finalized. Once it has all been finalized, you’ll be given a cost quote. Then all you need to do is approve the quote and Neiman Market Designs will have your custom closet built and ready for installation.

Preparing Your Existing Closet

Depending on the schedule, it may take several weeks to build your closet. This should give you plenty of time to organize and clean out your existing closet if required. The team at Neiman Market Designs can give you some excellent tips on how to get this done. If you find it overwhelming then doing a little at a time can be most helpful. Getting it all done over a weekend works great for many people also. If you are planning to paint the interior, be sure to do this at least 2 days before your installation date to allow adequate time for your paint to dry completely.

Keep Your Installation Appointment & Enjoy Your New Closet!

When the date arrives professional closet installers will come and install your new custom closet system. They will be sure to wipe down and clean your space once the new closet has gone in, leaving it ready for you to enjoy your new addition! You can start putting away all the items you wish to store in there and savor the feeling of having it all well organized and finally it’s own place.

Whatever you wish to achieve in a custom closet the expert team at Neiman Market Designs can help you achieve it. Call (519) 800-3240 to claim your FREE In-Home Design & Consultation and you can be well on your way to better home organization from today.

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