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How Functional Closet Organization Can Increase Your Health

How Functional Closet Organization Can Increase Your Health

Having an organized closet isn’t just beneficial for keeping your bedroom free of clutter and finding your clothing items; believe it or not, great closet organization can actually promote better health and well-being! Too good to be true? Well let’s see…

If you do not have a custom closet with unique closet organizers, then you may have experienced the frustration of looking for clothes or accessories, cluttered bedroom, lost time, annoyance, and overall dissatisfaction. If you think purchasing a closet is not affordable, the truth might surprise you. Closets to Adore from New Jersey wrote a great post on how much a custom closet actually cost - here. Below we will discuss how all of this can be avoided and if your closet is properly built and utilized, you’ll also reap these health benefits.

3 Ways Functional Closet Organization Promotes Health & Well-being

Stress Reduction

It is known that one of the biggest causes for a decline in health is stress. Stress can literally make you sick, give you a headache, cloud your thoughts and judgment, and it can even hospitalize you. Happier people live longer and people who stress live shorter. One of the causes of stress is becoming overwhelmed. 

When you start off your day stressed because your closet organization is mayhem and you’re in a rush because you kept hitting the snooze button, then that stress will set the tone for the day. One of the best ways to wake up fresh and worry-free is to have a custom closet designed and built for YOUR needs, so that you can wake up peacefully knowing that you are organized.

Breathe Easier

Imagine walking into a bedroom filled with clutter. How does your body react? How does it affecting your breathing? Does it encourage you to breathe in deeply? Now imagine walking outside in nature, hiking in the woods when the flowers are blooming and birds chirping. How would that affect the way you breathe? 

When your room is dirty, there’s a subconscious signal that prevents your lungs from breathing fully because it perceives the clutter as potentially dangerous - just as you would hold your nose or breath as you walk through a smelly area. If your closet is built intelligently enough to maximize your closet storage, then the clutter can be easily tamed; and when that happens, you’ll find that it’s easier to breathe.

Happier and Greater Sense of Well-being

When your mornings and evenings come with greater peace-of-mind - organized closet storage - you’ll start the day off more refreshed and clear; and you’ll even sleep better! Knowing that all is well and that you’ve actually mastered home organization can give you a sense of pride and reassurance that can be a great foundation for everything else that you do. When clutter and chaos is minimized, happiness can emerge from being previously buried. 

If you’re ready to finally conquer the clutter, give your closet a makeover and thus, transforming your bedroom and life, then give us a call for a Free in-Home Consultation.

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